Texas Winter Emergency | Massive Texas Power Outages Update

Texas Winter Emergency

***Updated March 3, 2021 10:15 PM CST***

As part of your community, Amigo Energy is privileged to serve as your residential energy provider. We have supported Texans through multiple natural disasters, and we will continue to be here for you. We live and work here too and are committed to helping you through this extraordinary time.

What caused the massive power outages in Texas?

There are a few overlapping factors that contributed to the outages. Early analysis indicates the state was not adequately equipped for a cold weather event of this magnitude. The electric grid was unable to meet the demand of so many people attempting to heat their homes. Added to this, power generation dropped due to the freezing of power generation equipment (such as pipelines, turbines) as well as fuel shortage (natural gas), which rendered many of these sources out of operation. The electricity grid operator says the deep freeze strained production of pretty much every form of energy – natural gas, coal, nuclear and renewables.

The Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) manages around 90% of the Texas electric grid in adherence with state regulations. Learn more about ERCOT here.

Why is my power still off?

As a Retail Energy Provider (REP), Amigo Energy does not control power outages or power restoration following an event-related outage. At this time, if you are still without power, please contact your utility.

TDSP/Utility (Click for Outage Tracker Link)​ Phone number Link to sign up for outage alerts
Oncor 1-888-313-4747 Power outage alert
CenterPoint 1-800-332-7143 Power outage alert
AEP Texas Central & AEP Texas North 1-866-223-8508​ Power outage alert
TexasNewMexicoPower (TNMP) ​1-888-866-7456 N/A

How widespread were the power outages?

In the peak of the controlled outage event, more than 3 million households were without electricity.

Will I be disconnected if I am unable to pay my electric bill?

For now, the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) prohibits disconnection of electric service for non-payment. We will work with customers during this period on any pending billings in order to help our customers stay current. We are here with you and will work with you if you need payment assistance or deferred payment plans.

How will the power outage affect my residential energy rate?

If you are on a fixed rate or variable rate (month-to-month) plan, your energy rate will not be impacted on your February bill. If have a fixed rate plan, you can rest assured that your energy rate is locked in for the duration of your contracted term.

If you are on a month-to-month variable rate plan, your rate may vary based on business and market conditions in future months. If would like to lock in a fixed rate, please log onto our self-service portal or call us at 1-844-344-6991.

We recommend you continue to conserve energy and follow us on social media for tips. See latest press release here.

Special note to Prepaid Customers:

During the period of the power outage, your utility company may have been unable to read your meter and may have provided us with an estimated usage. If estimates were received, your account balance was adjusted based on this estimated usage. We are working with your utility company to get actual usage for these days, which means the actual usage would be zero during the times your power was out. If applicable, you will see adjustments to your balance in the coming days.

We understand your frustration that your account may have shown a charge during a time in which you were without power. Thank you for your patience while we partner with your utility company to remedy your balance. Amigo Energy will not be disconnecting any customers while usage is confirmed by your utility company, but we urge you to stay current with your payments. We are here with you and will work with you if you need a deferred payment plan.

Are you sending bills?

For the past two weeks, Amigo Energy held the sending of bills while we awaited utility companies’ updates. They have since assured us that they have provided the most accurate electricity usage possible for your billing period. Due to this assurance, we have started releasing bills. You may have already received yours.

Am I billed for the time I was without power?

The utility companies have been working hard to provide actual usage (not estimated) for the duration of Winter Storm Uri. To the extent we are aware, the utility companies have sent this updated usage information to us. Amigo Energy bills based on this usage information.

In the limited cases where estimates may have been necessary, any necessary account adjustments will be reflected on your next bill.

Will you be providing any bill credits for the time without power (groceries, hotel, gas, etc.)?

We understand the impact this unprecedented event has brought to our Texas residents; however, as this is a natural event, we are unable to provide credits.

What payment assistance is Amigo Energy offering?

For short-term payment assistance, Amigo Energy offers Payment Arrangements to eligible customers.  This will allow for extra time beyond the original due date when a down payment is paid.  Similarly, if a customer has received a disconnection notice, they will still be responsible for any fees but can receive up to 10 additional days from the disconnection notice due date as long as the payment arrangement is set-up before that date. You may set-up a payment arrangement through your online account.

Customers may also qualify for a Deferred Payment Plan (DPP).  When signing up for a DPP, customers can pay their balance owed in monthly installments along with their regular monthly bill when a down payment is paid. 

For additional assistance with your payment, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services has information on the many assistance options for food, health, housing and more (including electricity) here.  Charities and other governmental agencies can pledge to make payments on behalf of qualified customers.