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Amigo Energy Plans Available in Lenz, TX

Green Energy Plan

  • Up to 100% renewable-energy credits
  • 24-month fixed rates

Nights Free Plan

  • No charges from 9pm - 7am, including TDSP charges
  • 24-month fixed rates

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Choosing an Electricity Company in Lenz, TX

Since 2002, Amigo Energy has been proudly providing electricity to customers in Lenz, TX and across the great state of Texas. Amigo Energy has been providing electricity in Lenz, TX for nearly two decades. That’s long enough to know that customer demands are vastly different; customers want a reputable electric company that can meet the demands of their ever-changing lifestyles. We continue to generate momentum in Lenz, TX because we understand that customers want affordable rates and reliability.

The writing is on the wall. Or in Texas-speak: this ain’t our first rodeo. Due to our exemplary reputation, we are retaining customers, as well as gaining the trust of new ones. With nearly two decades of experience, we have a proven track record of providing high-quality service. Discover today why so many customers in Lenz, TX are trusting Amigo Energy as their preferred residential electricity provider.

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Feeling the Heat in Lenz, TX

Texas summers can be excruciatingly hot, and Texans have grown accustomed to air conditioning when the thermometer flirts with the century mark. Amigo Energy has the expertise, capacity and agility to meet the critical peak time demands of residents in Lenz, TX. While we do not own generation, Amigo Energy has been consistently helping customers keep their cool to meet demand.

Another thing consumers love is options. Lenz, TX customers have made two plans our most popular. For those who love monthly price consistency, our fixed-rate plan is the one for you. If you are someone who is more energized by taking advantage of free offers, check out our Nights Free Plan.

Fixed Rate Electricity Plans - Amigo Energy

Competitive, Fixed Rates

As a motorist in Lenz, TX, you can do a drive-by of any gasoline station and check the price at the pump. Before you start filling up your empty fuel tank, you have a general idea of what the total will be. That’s consistency. When you select this option, you may save a few bucks over the duration of your contract because your rate per kilowatt-hour consumed remains unchanged.

Nights Free Electricity Plans - Amigo Energy

Nights Free Electricity

One benefit that customers in Lenz, TX enjoy is having the freedom to choose when and how they want to consume and pay for electricity. You may wonder: How can nights be free? Here’s a peek behind the curtain. In Lenz, TX, peak demand for electricity is typically during the daytime hours on those sweltering August days. As demand rises, so does the cost of electricity. During the night, however, the demand drops and consequently, much of the electric power sits untapped.


Flipping the Switch and Changing Electric Companies in Lenz, TX

Electric companies across Lenz, TX want your business, and they offer a variety of perks – including gift cards – to win you over. While they make valiant attempts to sweeten the pot, they often fail to disclose contract details that are hidden in the fine print, such as annoying extra charges.

Remember circling that vehicle on the lot – trying to decide if it was the right one? No doubt, questions and doubts ignited an electrical current from your brain to your wallet. We have hundreds of vehicles right here in Lenz, TX from which to choose, but with electricity – it’s simply electricity, right? Yep. While the product is identical, the provider is what makes the difference.

At Amigo Energy, the customer experience is paramount. We are diligently striving to improve the customer relationship, which increases trust and loyalty. Finally, by switching to Amigo Energy, you will be assured that you’re getting a custom energy plan at an awesome price.

Services Areas in Lenz, TX

Why Wait? Get Same-Day Electric Service**

Texans enjoy a rare privilege, as Texas is a major hub of innovation. The Lone Star State is home to the Johnson Space Center and is nicknamed the energy capital of the world. Amigo Energy is up to the challenge of keeping pace with forward-looking businesses, and we thrive on finding new ways to solve problems. In fact, Amigo Energy offers same-day and next-day service.

**To apply for same-day service, call before 12:00 PM CST. Additional documents may be needed.

Getting the Current Flowing

Once smart electricity meters made their grand appearance in Lenz, TX, a new day dawned. And Amigo Energy was one of the first adaptors. Using innovative technology, we have the ability to get you connected expeditiously. An estimated 7.3 million Texas households and businesses have already made the switch to Advanced Metering Systems (AMS) – or smart meters, and there’s a high likelihood that you are part of this group. These meters eliminate the need to have an onsite technician manually turn on the power.

How to Get Same-Day Service**

Call before 12pm CT1
Call before 12pm CT

Call before 12:00 PM CST and provide any necessary documentation.

Verify your meter2
Verify your meter

When you call Amigo Energy, you’ll speak directly with an experienced energy advisor who will confirm that you have a smart meter.

Pick an energy plan3
Pick an energy plan

Next, the advisor will ask a few questions to gain an understanding of your Lenz, TX residence and lifestyle. That will help ensure that you select the right energy plan.

Turn on your lights4
Turn on your lights

How long will this take? It will depend on your credit and how quickly you provide us with any required documentation, but most phone calls last less than 30 minutes. Our enrollment is quick and easy, so why wait? Call us today!

**To apply for same-day service, call before 12:00 PM CST. Additional documents may be needed.

Examples of Some Residential Plans Available for Same-Day Electric Service

  • Truly Fixed Plan
  • Nights Free Plan
  • Green Energy Plan

Business & Commercial Electricity Companies

Running a business effectively requires a 24/7 commitment. Many high-priority items on your agenda demand attention: increasing sales, handling payroll, and taxes, etc. Yet there is one item that often goes overlooked: those recurring electric bills. With everything you must juggle, who has time to investigate kilowatt-hours? Yet during the scorching days in Lenz, TX, the electric meter spins at an alarming rate. That’s when you wish you had carved out time to conduct some research.

Enter Amigo Energy. Our business is more like yours than you might think; we, too, diligently search for ways to reduce our own bills. This is the type of passion that fuels us to help our Lenz, TX customers drive down the exorbitant price they pay for electricity. We must be doing something right; we have been helping customers save money for nearly 20 years while providing reliable services.

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Commercial Electricity Plans

We have discovered that here in Lenz, TX, no two customers are alike. Since each is unique, they need a customized plan. An Amigo Energy Specialist with a wealth of knowledge is only a phone call away. Allow us to give you a quote to help you cut costs without cutting corners.

What we offer:

  • Competitive low rates
  • Select your own start date
  • Enroll multiple locations
  • Expert consultant advice
  • Commercial electricity tailored for your business
  • Dynamic partnership
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