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Truly Fixed Plan

Fixed kWh

All Charges Included
Get a competitive, fixed rate and avoid surprise price hikes. You’ll be better able to predict your electric bill and maybe save a little energy along the way.

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Nights Free Plan

Fixed kWh


Not home much during the day? Get nights free electricity from 9pm to 7am and a fixed electricity rate the remainder of the day. By the way, that’s 70 cost-free hours of electricity every week. 280 hours a month. 3,360 hours a year!1

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Green Energy Plan

Fixed kWh

Do the planet—and your bank account—a solid. We purchase renewable-energy credits on your behalf and give you an affordable, fixed electric rate. You’ll feel better about your energy provider choice and enjoy a great kWh rate—it’s a win-win.

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Assurance Plan

Fixed kWh

Flexible Contract Length

If you’re like most adults, you’ve got a lot on your mind. Worry less about rising electricity rates and enjoy a competitive, fixed rate for 24 months. You’ll be able to better predict your electricity usage and budget more accurately.

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Basics Plan

Fixed kWh

All Charges Included
Get our most flexible electricity plan. Choose a 24- or even 36-month contract, and benefit from a fixed kWh rate. Your electric bill will be more consistent because you’ll know your electricity price upfront.

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Wanna go green without breaking the bank? Well, you’re in luck. We purchase renewable-energy credits on your behalf and you only pay $9.99 a month with any energy plan.

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Electricity Plans That’ll Knock Your Socks Off

Amigo Energy customers enjoy low rates and excellent customer service—you can, too.

I’ve been with Amigo for more than 7 years and it was the best decision for me! I am very pleased with their low energy rates, very clear and accurate advertising, and my weekly energy report that shows me an estimate of how much could be my bill.

Susan V.
Houston, TX

I chose Amigo Energy because of the low rate they gave me when I signed up on January 2013. And I still got good rates for renewal contract.

Adriana S.
Houston, TX

The only company that I feel secure and understand what I’m paying is Amigo Energy.They have better rates and good customer service. They also offer a great opportunity with their referral program.

Meiling P.
Houston, TX

Find the Right Electricity Plan for You—It’s Easy as Pie

Still not settled? Here are some things to consider when comparing electricity plans.

Switching to Amigo Energy can help you get a better kilowatt-hour (kWh) rate that’s both transparent and lower than the Texas average. Wanna know how your current kWh rate stacks up against Texas averages? We’ve put together this helpful page so you can compare electricity rates.

Compare average
electricity rates

Get the best kWh
rate for you


While we’re at it, your kWh electricity rate is only part of your electric bill. To see the average electric bill in Texas and the US—and to learn more about the different charges on a Texas electricity bill—check out our average electric bill page. Who knows? You might be surprised.

Compare average
electricity bills

See what other charges appear on your electric bill


Just remember, though, that your total electricity bill and kWh rate aren’t everything, either. You’ll also want to consider everything from customer service to smart technology when you’re choosing your Texas electricity provider and energy plan.

Consider additional
services and products

Find the right electricity plan for you


Call 888-331-8871 before 12 PM CT to start service today.2

Residential Electricity Rates and Plans Made Easy

There’s a lot out there to choose from—here are three basic ways to differentiate between Texas electricity plans

Fixed Rate Plans

Most Texas electricity companies offer fixed kWh rate plans. Basically, you sign a contract from anywhere between six months to up to five years and lock in your rate for the duration of the term. In most cases, you’ll end up saving money over the long haul because, in general, energy rates have been rising over the past 20 years. Pro tip: getting a fixed kWh rate also protects you from sudden price hikes due to market fluctuations.

Avoid surprise
price hikes

Save money
over time

Variable Rate Plans

The opposite of fixed rate energy plans are variable rate plans. Your electricity rate fluctuates according to how the market changes due to supply and demand. If you have a knack for following market trends, a variable kWh rate could help you save cash over the short term when market prices dip. Exercise caution, however, because you may get hit with sudden price hikes that negatively affect your total electric bill.

Take advantage of market dips

Enjoy short-term

Green Energy Plans

One of best things about energy deregulation in Texas is the fact that we have more renewable-energy options than most other Americans. Also, it’s worth noting that green energy prices are competitive with fossil fuel electricity rates. At Amigo Energy we have two renewable-energy options: our Green Energy Plan, which comes with an affordable, fixed kWh rate; and our JustGreen product, which you can add to any energy plan for just $9.99 a month.

Cut your carbon footprint

Get affordable renewable energy

We Got Those Commercial Electricity Plans, Y’all

A custom rate for your business is just one step away.

Are you a business owner looking for an electricity quote? Well, look no further because Amigo Energy can get you one today. You can either:

Call 888-354-2236   or   SUBMIT YOUR INFO ONLINE

An energy advisor will walk you through the process over the phone and get you on your way to turning on your power in as few as six days. Not only that, but you can also:

Set a future start date

Enroll multiple locations

Fixin’ to learn more before you contact us? Read up on why you should choose Amigo Energy as your business electricity provider.

1Offer is available to Texas residential customers. Plan bills $4.95 base charge, energy charge including Transmission and Distribution charges each billing cycle for all hours. Usage consumed between 9 pm and 7 am daily is credited on your bill. Terms and conditions apply. Rates quoted are based on 35% usage at night.

2Offer currently available to TX customers only. Must call before 12 PM CT to get same day installation. Must have Advance Meter. Other Terms and Conditions apply