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Free Nights Electricity Plans

Want more free hours of power? Switch to Amigo Energy and save.

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Maximize Your Free Nights Electricity

Amigo Energy has more free kilowatt-hours (kWh) than any other energy provider in Texas.

Nights Free Electricity

The Nights Free Plan from Amigo Energy can help you save energy and cash when you shift your energy usage. Not only that, but our Nights Free Plan gives you more free kWh of electricity than any other Texas electric company.2


  • Night owls
  • Folks home more at night

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Get a 24-Month Fixed Rate

In Texas, you have the power to choose your light company—that’s why we offer the best free electricity plans possible. To help you save, Amigo Energy credits your bill for nighttime kWh usage while you benefit from a fixed kWh rate during the remaining hours of your week.

Shift Energy Usage and Save

Our Nights Free Plan can help you get more energy for your money, especially if you shift your power-intensive kWh usage—such as laundry and dishwashing—to off-peak hours. In fact, just by shifting about a third of your electricity usage, you’ll see a difference in your electric bill.

See if Nights Free is available in your area.

Take a Peek at Our Other Electricity Plans

Maybe you’re looking for other ways to save on electricity in Texas.

In particular, our popular Truly Fixed Plan features a single, simple kWh rate, which includes all electric charges. That means that all your Texas utility charges are bundled together in a 24-month fixed kWh rate to give you more transparency and predictability with your free energy plan.

Truly Fixed Plan

  • Single, simple rate includes all charges
  • 24/36-month fixed rate

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Green Energy Plan

  • Up to 100% renewable-energy credits
  • 24-month fixed rates

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Basics Plan

  • Competitive, fixed rates
  • Flexible plan length up to 36 months

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Add Renewable Energy for Just $9.99 a Month

Plus, if you’re concerned about your carbon footprint, you can add renewable energy to any of our featured energy plans with our JustGreen product.