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4 Ways a Smart Thermostat Can Save Energy

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Smart thermostats are the next generation of home technology. Not only are they sleek and smart, but they also provide a wealth of information about your home’s power use that can help you improve your overall energy efficiency.   Here are four ways a smart thermostat can help you conserve energy in your home.

1. Easy-to-Use Interface Maximizes Your Heating and Cooling Efficiency

Old-fashioned thermostats can be hard to read and even harder to program. Smart thermostats, on the other hand, typically feature easy-to-see touchscreens for trouble-free programming. In fact, many smart thermostat systems will walk you through the setup and programming processes, and, in some cases, automatically determine and implement optimal temperature settings for maximum energy efficiency. Key Features
  • Smart touchscreens
  • Easy setup
  • Optimized settings

2. Remote Access Lets You Monitor and Control Temperatures from Anywhere

Most smart thermostats—such as the ecobee smart thermostat from Amigo Energy—can be controlled from smartphones with user-friendly mobile apps. Likewise, because quality smart thermostats are Wi-Fi compatible, they are also accessible from any home computers, laptops, and tablets connected to your home internet network. This level of control can spell big energy savings. You can, for instance, check in to make sure the AC isn’t running when nobody is home, even if you’re miles away. Key Features
  • Apps for smartphones & tablets
  • Wi-Fi campatibility

3. Smart Technology Tracks Your Energy Use

Being able to monitor and track home energy use will give you valuable information about your current consumption patterns. You can view details like the amount of time your HVAC system has been in operation, climate information that may influence your energy usage, and personalized recommendations for increasing energy efficiency via online portals or mobile apps. Once you understand where your energy is going, it’ll be easier to find ways to cut back. Key Features
  • Usage tracking
  • Specific device monitoring
  • Personalized recommendations

4. Customizable Technology Ensures Energy Use Matches Your Home’s Needs

Heating and cooling your home can make up a big portion of your electric bill. Unfortunately, in the past, the only options to control heating and cooling were to set the air conditioning or heating on a basic timer, turn them off completely, or leave them running indefinitely. New smart thermostats feature a variety of control mechanisms, like adaptable timers and room-specific settings, which give you more control over how much energy you’re using. Key Features
  • Adaptable timers
  • Room-specific settings

5. Energy Efficiency Is Good for the Environment and Your Wallet

Smart thermostats aren’t just good for the environment—they can also be great for your electric bill. Installing a quality smart thermostat can take your energy savings to a new level. In fact, smart thermostats like the ecobee smart thermostat can reduce energy bills by up to 23%. That can translate to hundreds of dollars in savings every year.   Smart thermostats are a win-win for homeowners. When you calculate how much you can save monthly with a smart thermostat, both in terms of money and environmental impact, it’s an easy decision. Perhaps the only question remaining is which smart thermostat to get. Click here to find out whether an ecobee smart thermostat from Amigo Energy is right for your home.